Fundamentals into Aerospace Training Program 20 Weeks

Working in partnership with key partners and industry stakeholders the Fundamentals of Aerospace course has been developed to address the current labor market needs and bridge the skill gap. The course will provide Islanders with a chance to develop the basic skills for an entry level technician position. The program will consist of eight weeks in class training and twelve weeks on the job training.

Fundamentals of Aerospace Training Program 

Courses & Program Facts

Start Date: January 2, 2014
20 weeks (8 weeks in classroom/12 weeks on the job. OJT will consist of 3 weeks rotation at each of the four companies)

  • Action Aero (Charlottetown)
  • 3 Points Aviation & Aerospace (Charlottetown)
  • Vector Aerospace (Summerside)
  • Honeywell (Summerside) 

Location: Summerside Waterfront Campus
Credential Issued:

Funding assistance may be available for those that qualify. Please call (902) 892-3177 for more information.  

Deadline to apply is November 27. Please send Resumes to

Here is what you will learn:


  • Unit 9.01 Refer to engine shop manuals for NDI method and procedures
  • Unit 9.02 Prepare engine parts for Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)
  • Unit 9.03 Prepare engine parts for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)  

Parts inspection and sorting  

  • Unit 10.01 Identify part inspection requirements by referring to appropriate documents
  • Unit 10.02 Determine best method for detection of typical/probable faults as per applicable documents 
  • Unit 10.03 Perform dimensional tests
  • Unit 10.04 Perform operation and function tests
  • Unit 10.05 Perform visual inspections
  • Unit 10.06 Uses visual magnification
  • Unit 10.07 Analyze nondestructive inspection (NDI) results
  • Unit 10.08 Sort parts for repair, rework or modification
  • Unit 10.09 Verify serviceability of parts and assemblies
  • Unit 10.10 Order new and/or serviceable parts to replace unserviceable or missing parts 

Induction of units into the facility (predisassembly)

  • Unit 7.01 Record and document engine condition (using photographs)
  • Unit 7.02 Record engine condition as per booking‐in documents
  • Unit 7.03 Determine oil condition of engine
  • Unit 7.04 Inspect oil filters and magnetic chip detectors
  • Unit 7.05 Prepare engine for boresope inspection  

Shipping and storage

  • Unit 13.01 Prepare engine for certification inspection
  • Unit 13.03 Apply protective materials and devices to engine  

Work standards and procedures

  • Unit 4.01 Perform minor repairs
  • Unit 4.02 Replace hardware
  • Unit 4.03 Install fittings and locking devices
  • Unit 4.04 Use cleaning and special handling procedures
  • Unit 4.05 Recognize and mark parts for permanent identification
  • Unit 4.06 Recognize and mark parts for temporary identification
  • Unit 4.07 Apply lubricants
  • Unit 4.08 Apply adhesive and sealants