About Us

The Aerospace & Defence Association of PEI (ADPEI) is an incorporated non-profit entity (est. 2005) representing the collective interests of its industry members involved in the aerospace and defence market segments. Working closely with industry and government partners, ADPEI facilitates and provides a forum to advance collaborative sector business development, marketing and workforce development initiatives on behalf of the collective sector in the Province.

With the evolution and growth of the aerospace & defence sector, the need for a collaborative and targeted approach to sector development becomes increasingly important. The Aerospace & Defence Association of PEI (ADPEI) continues to be a critical enabler in advancing the development of the aerospace and defence industry in the province through the implementation of sector-focused development initiatives.

Our mandate is to facilitate the continued growth and development of the aerospace and defence sector contributing to sustainable economic and workforce development in our Province. In support of this mandate, ADPEI strives to;

  • Provide a forum for sector collaboration and information sharing
  • Facilitate supplier development opportunities
  • Promote and market the sector and related capabilities (domestically and internationally)
  • Facilitate workforce development and related initiatives
  • Effectively collaborate with key sector-development representatives to generate industry awareness and solid working relationships